Monday, February 22, 2010

What kids say .....

Just because your blood sugar isn't always 'normal,' don't let anyone try to tell you you're not normal. Every single person is different. You happen to have diabetes. Other kids wear glasses or have asthma. Diabetes is just something you live with.

What do you say if someone makes fun? l More Kids Say

Erika, 17, California

"I have had diabetes for six years. I was recently put on an insulin pump and people always ask what it is and I used to tell them but half of them didn't understand so now I just say that it is my life support and they nod and walk off. Also, people used to ask me what I could eat and I would say, 'Well, what can you eat? Well, that's what I can eat too!'"

Stephanie, Michigan

"When people call you stupid because of diabetes, just say, 'You know, because you're calling me stupid, that means that you're stupid and you know it so you're calling really smart people stupid just to make you feel better. But you should have thought twice before calling me stupid because it wouldn't have helped you anyway.' That will really shut them up. (Trust me, I've tried it.)"

Roger, 12, Texas

"Some people ask me if I'm from another planet or something. I just say, 'Yes, and soon we will invade your planet, and rid it of you humans.' They usually get scared and shut up."

Chris, 6 1/2, New Jersey

"One kid said,'You're stupid and you have diabetes.' (This was a boy who was having trouble behaving in school.) I just said, 'Well, would you like being in a hospital for half of a week?' He stopped teasing me!"

Chris, 9, Florida

"Sometimes my friends ask me, 'Are you a person?' I tell them, 'Yes, I am a normal kid just like you, except for my pancreas. It isn't pumping insulin like yours, so I have to take shots of insulin every day to control my sugar levels.'"

Ethan, 9, Virginia

"When I was first diagnosed with diabetes, kids used to call me 'diabetes boy.' It really hurt my feelings. But then I realized that I had something that no one else had in my school and that I was unique, just like my friend who is allergic to peanut butter and shrimp."

Becca, 10, Colorado

"When people call me 'diabetes girl' or 'diabetes freak,' I just ignore them and walk away, or I call them 'goofy' and say, 'How would you like to have my disease?!!!'"

Danika, 12, Germany

"A quick comeback that I thought of is: 'At least I have insulin to help me with my problem, but I don't think they have invented anything to help you with yours.' I haven't had to use it yet, but will if I have to." 

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