Wednesday, February 3, 2010

United Kingdom Type ! Diabetes

We recently learned from several different customers in the UK and England that there are very limited diabetic accessories for pump wearers. We have had several dozen sales of the tummietote in England and the UK, they love the ease of use of the pump belt several different comments on the belt were first of all the comfort of the fabric against the skin., the second was the fact that they could sleep with the pump in the belt, not have it lay in bed with you waiting for it to tangle around your waist and pull the site out, which used to happen to my neice. Another comment was the fact that there were several other pockets in the belt to discreetly hide a snack, and other gear you need to stay on top of your game...... 
This is Tallia on the left with several kids she met on vacation in august when she and her parents were camping on Marthas Vineyard Island off the coast of Massachusetts, they call themselves the " ice cream gang" One of the girls, who was from England best friend is a type 1 and the young girl asked Tallia several questions about Tally's cool belt and her mom later came over after she heard about this pump belt to get more information on it, we have since gotten them a pump belt across the pond her mom claims she is so happy with it she wont take it off....just what we want to hear, the reason Donna designed the belt in the first place, to make a kids live better.