Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tallygear Tummietote GIVEAWAY: Tummietote Tuesday GIVEAWAY

Tallygear Tummietote GIVEAWAY: Tummietote Tuesday GIVEAWAY: " TALLYGEAR ' the lightweight soft-sided personal storage belt'    Tally with the pink camo tummietote belt.    ......"

Monday, September 20, 2010

d was here again today....

i told my mother in law to take a hike almost three years ago because she didn't play fair...have only seen her in the distance since....d was here again ...i told him to get lost.....doesn't he listen?.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Unwanted Visitor.....

We wait all week for sunday because mostly everyone in our familly is self employed...but sundays are the day when the pace isn't so frenetic......we get things done on sunday that we cant do the rest of the week......simple things like laundry, showering, eating....only kidding we normally try to do these things more than once a week...maybe least the showering.....

I start with a run to the grocery store to get basics for the week......on my way to the store i go by my sister Donnas  to see if she needed anything at the store...noone home...i call her .......she is sitting in the grocery store parking lot of where i am going .... she is in the parking lot because tallia, my neice , is eating, she has to eat her blood sugar is low....."D" has intruded on their day.....ok fine....we can deal with "D"... an unwanted bother but we wave him away like an errant fly......he disappears for a while....we park and run into the store.....but before we run in we take necessary supplies.....keys debit, card and test kit.....i tuck the test kit into my shoulder tote so i dont put it down anywhere......i see donna stop in her tracks and turn to me and say  "do you have the test kit?" ....i immediately tap my pouch and reassure her that it is attached to my body, have no fear i wont put it down.....she visibly relaxes....first of all case we need it for tallia to test....second....the damn thing is so expensive..we could not afford to lose insurance would probable not cover it!!!! once again, we have an unwanted visitor .."D"....please just give us a few hours off....even a few minutes......leave us alone for a little while.....

We are going to check out,... we seperate bags as we are in seperate cars, i am looking for the test kit...., where is the test kit?, always on your mind, i tuck it into her "BIG BAG O' LIFE" we leave in any vehicle Tallia is traveling in  .......i tell her i will follow her home because i want to see the new sewing machine she bought. (She has been challenged lately with the influx of orders from tallygear so she and her husband matthew decided to make the decision to invest in a new off i was to see this new gizmo)

The sun is still out...the weather is beautiful, its nice and warm ....we inspect the new machine, donna sews a belt for me , giving me step by step commentary on the new and improved is so cool...and it will make her job easier of sewing, you can see she is happy.

We are sitting and talking about all this great stuff and tal asks if she can have a snack......sometimes you bolus , sometimes you test, this was a time to test.......330!......WTF!....tallie puts in for a correction and she looks up at us all and says " I have no insulin!".....WTF!...."D" cant you just leave us alone?
apparently her pump must have beeped low insulin, and she did not hear it...why isnt there a stop gap measure built in to the pump that it beeps until you acknowledge that your insulin is low or empty?!#$%^&&%%...i cant believe she or we did not hear it...(.i think the pump companies should consider putting in an alarm that can be only shut off manually.)

Right then and there, the day stops, and goes in a different direction, there is a quiet united effort to take care of "D".....we dont even like "D", why the hell do we have to keep taking care of him?....

We take care of "D" because it affects our beloved "T".....

9:00 p.m. ...hours later and "D" is still here......still battling a high of 277....."D" is like a spoiled child always wanting all the attention.....


Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Diabetic Life: The Angst-iness of Back to School

Our Diabetic Life: The Angst-iness of Back to School: "It is the beginning of the school year and the posts about diabetes at school are everywhere. In Blog Land, on Twitter, on Facebook… The..."

Houston We Have a Problem!: New LOVE!

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

autoimmune island nice comments on tallygear

Listen up people....if you want an insulin pump pack/pouch for your child to use when they are really active you need to look into TALLYGEAR (Tummietote Belts) for your son or daughter. The Sugar Princess really loves wearing hers and it doesn't move around and bounce around like other pump pouches. Here are some photos of The Sugar Princess wearing her tummietote...

Front View - You wouldn't even know that she is wearing a pump under her shirt.

(Her favorite color is yellow)

Back View!

The Sugar Princess loves to wear them swimming too because they stay in place and do not move around...the tubing from her pump stays in place too! (Note...she has an Animas Ping Insulin Pump which is waterproof)

My little water bug displaying her tummietote belt and showing off her "Pink" Ping!

She looks so tired, but I think it's because she wore her goggles all day! She loves to swim!

I can't say enough good things and I'm looking forward to new designs. I highly recommend them, but if you are unable to buy one right now you are in LUCK! Head on over to CANDY HEARTS right now and enter to win your child or yourself your own Tummietote. You don't have to have type 1 diabetes to love these belts!