Thursday, February 25, 2010


You are looking at a Tummietote by Tallygear at rest. Recently a friend of Tallygear, Bill Woods, of ONE HAPPY DIABETIC attended a JDRF meeting where Phil Ripkin, the Physical Fitness Guru of Diabetes was giving a lecture. There was alot of talk about pumps as he works for Animas. They were showing how to wear your pump and the best way to hide/ secure/ attach it to your body. Bill woods got up and explained the Tummietote to the crowded room with great excitement, although he did not have one to show them because he has received several in the last little bit from us but keeps giving them away! And we are very excited he is giving them because he the people he gave them to have been Diabetes educators who are wholly impressed with this wonderful idea that my sister has designed and produced.
Visit for more information on this very cool and comfortable tote.  It is adjustable by 6 inches in each direction and made of swimsuit material, the ideal fabric to be against your skin if you have to have anything by your skin....send them an email with any questions , questions are answered in a timely and friendly manner. We want your child, friend, loved one to have the security and comfort to LIVE GOOD with diabetes.

Live good,