Sunday, January 31, 2010

tallygear tummietote'......

My sister Donna , is a genius, my neice Tally is a type 1 diabetic, which you know if you have been reading this blog. Tallia is on an insulin pump and has been on one for more than a year. Donna designed an insulin pump pack for her first of all to make her comfortable during all her activities, including sleeping, walking, running, bicycling, any activity that  she the pack has worked beautifully.

Donna has been working on this design for a long time and had modified things as we have gone along....and everything makes this pack better and better. She has started selling them at her sites  and  .

 We recently sold one to a woman that had the CGM, continuous glucose monitor and she asked about a view window in one of the pockets. There are 3 pockets that are 3 inches by 5 inches built into this one piece spandex belt, aka swimsuit material, so it is ultra comfortable against the skin if that is where you want to wear it, or you can wear it on the outside of your clothed.

 Anyway, she cut a window into one of the pockets to view the screen on the paradigm. My Neice has in a matter of a few short weeks , come to rely on the window. She doesn't even have to remove the pump from the pocket. She hasn't even updated the website to include this option so if you go there and are interested in one send her an email and she will contact you back to get your specific needs.

The best we can do with this condition until they find a cure is to LIVE GOOD......I will post a picture of view window in belt in the next day or two.
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