Monday, January 11, 2010

creative pack for my neices insulin pump

My niece, Tallia, is a very active 10 year old child who was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes in September of 2007.

Tallia went on the insulin pump in November of 2008. An insulin pump is about the size of a blackberry or a larger i-pod and it is connected to her body by a plastic line that is secured to an injection site in her body. The pump isn't small or light-weight. My sister Donna, Tallia's mom tried many different ways to secure the pump to her clothing. We tried to make pouches, we bought many pouches on the market, we stuffed the pump in a sock and safety-pinned to inside of her shirt, secured it with velcro....many different ideas.

Donna, the dreamer with all the ideas in the family came up with an idea to make Tallia's life with diabetes better. She designed an insulin pump pack that is comfortable, secure and discreet. The pack is made of comfortable spandex blend and can be worn under clothes directly on your skin or on the outside of clothes. Wearing it on the outside of clothes is actually stylish right now because it looks just like the top of yoga pants!

See her designs at

We will continue to update you on news , events and ideas on our quest of living good with diabetes, and the effort to find a cure.