Wednesday, January 13, 2010

new view window for the insulin pump pack....

Donna has been in touch with a woman who is a type 1 in Atlanta, Ga., she has her own diabetes blog, i am unsure of the name of it, i will post it once i know. She is on a pump but also has a CGM ( continuous glucose monitor) she is a counselor and can't leave clients so she asked Donna if it were possible to have a view window in the pack so she doesn't have to remove the pump from the tummietote pouch. Donna embraced this idea right away, before days end we had a modification. A Tallygear tummietote with a clear view window, no need to take pump from the pocket, and you can deliver insulin right through the soft clear plastic window. I will post a picture after i take one of my niece, Tallia's pack tomorrow......very cool stuff!